Date posted: Thu, Oct 3rd 2013

The day is here! Kids Maps 2.0 has been released onto iTunes! This not only upgrades the original game to include new features such as capital cities, but also adds three brand new games to the series: Europe, South & Central America and Asia! Click READ more to download the latest for iPad and iPhone!!



Date posted: Mon, Sep 9th 2013

I am very excited to announce that I am preparing to release the full KIDS MAPS 2.0 series! The new version of the game will include several parent/teacher requested items such as capitals and additional background music selections. Also, Kids Maps will be releasing 3 new games for iPAD simultaneously: Europe, South & Central America and Asia!! I am also re-releasing the U.S. Pocket Edition with better iPhone 5 support and improved graphics. I also have a few other surprises which will make Kids Maps not just another educational game, but a full educational system. More to be annouced soon.



Date posted: Mon, Sep 24th 2012

We are so happy to announce the official release of our first SPIN OFF game! KIDS MAPS POCKET EDITION for iPhone and iPod Touch! This new version of our critically acclaimed children’s game has been specially designed for the smaller screen of an iPhone & iPod Touch by breaking the U.S. map into 4 regions. Same great gameplay and educational fun! I hope your children enjoy the game!


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Kids Maps resources for Parents & Teachers

Download FREE activity worksheets to test your child's retention of Kids Maps!

You can enhance the Kids Maps experience by downloading FREE activity worksheets for your children to use. The Kids Maps worksheets include puzzles and activities (such as connect the dots, fill in the blank, mazes & more) to test a child's knowledge retention. we encourage parents to take an active role in the education process and do them with your child.

Kids Maps will continue to build a library of downloadable PDFs that you can find here aimed at Pre-K - 2nd Grades. Just download them to your local computer and print out as many as you need! Check back frequently for new worksheets.


U.S. GENERAL ACTIVITY SHEET (Pre-K thru 2nd grade)

U.S. PRE-K/K ACTIVITY SHEET (Pre-K thru Kindergarten)

U.S. 1st & 2nd GRADE ACTIVITY SHEET (1st thru 2nd grade)

EUROPE PRE-K/K ACTIVITY SHEET (Pre-K thru Kindergarten)

EUROPE 1st & 2nd GRADE ACTIVITY SHEET (1st thru 2nd grade)


To help teachers and school districts decide if Kids Maps is right for them, just contact me at Media Mechanic to arrange for free promo codes for iPads and Android tablets.

Contact me directly to make your arrangments:

Paul Ward
Maker of Kids Maps

Call (503) 908-1265 -- or use this website's Support form to inquire.